• Image of DOD Analog Delay 680 - Reticon SAD4096 with upgrades 1980
  • Image of DOD Analog Delay 680 - Reticon SAD4096 with upgrades 1980
  • Image of DOD Analog Delay 680 - Reticon SAD4096 with upgrades 1980

Serial number 6805998, Built 11/5/1980. CTS pots dated 8034 and 8043; the 34th and 43rd weeks of 1980, respectively. Real early code on original Reticon SAD4096 supports the labeled build date. Very good condition though not a cream-puff. Well maintained, suffering only minor scuffs in its thirty-six (36!) years of service and travel, all shown in the photos and detailed below.

Repairs, Upgrades, & Service Notes (all done by the previous owner):

- Bench evaluation of all power, amplification, switching, and delay line circuits using professional lab equipment. Every circuit in unit 6805998 is performing at or above spec.
- TI RC4558 opamps in preamp and recovery circuits upgraded to new manufacture NJM JRC4580DD low-noise ICs for a substantial improvement in signal-to-noise ratio. Very quiet circuit, even quieter when run off a conditioned power supply.
- All electrolytic and some mylar caps tested and replaced as necessary.
- Power switch replaced with a higher-quality, new manufacture piece. Stronger and Safer than the original part.
- Power cord replaced with a soft, flexible Apple (yes, as in Computer) power cord. Marked improvement in conductivity and safety.
- Fuse added to hot side of power supply to protect against surges and circuit damage.
- Indicator LED kept getting pushed into the case so I added a fancy aluminum trim ring to keep it safe and tight.
- Replacement of worn 1/4" in/out jacks with new, high-quality enclosed units of similar manufacture, wired with new coaxial insulated wire for improved noise rejection.
- Cleaning and lubrication of potentiometers and footswitch.
- Detailed cleaning of entire unit. Nearly every used pedal I have bought online arrives filthy, and that drives me nuts. Why should I have to chisel off the seller's shoe crud? Furthermore, how can I trust that a pedal was well cared for if the previous owner couldn't bear to clean it before offering it for sale? Every pedal I sell I clean and detail the case, removing dirt while preserving the paint and the patina that come with years of use.