• Image of VFE Pedals Vader '2-in-1' Choral Reef Chorus / Blueprint Delay *Star Wars*

This extremely RARE pedal houses the VFE Pedals' Choral Reef Chorus and Blueprint Delay pedals into one rad enclosure, with hand-painted Darth Vader artwork for the Star Wars fan in us all...


The Choral Reef analog chorus pedal took 2 years and many failed attempts to perfect. The result was a no-compromise design built upon an expensive, out-of-production MN3008 bucket brigade chip to satisfy VFE’s high standards for noise, headroom, and versatility. A whole host of chorus tones are available, including flanger and vibrato. The unique feedback circuitry lets you add a touch of resonance or dive into deep modulated chaos that rings on after you stop playing.


SPEED: Controls the speed of the modulation.
DEPTH: Controls the depth of the modulation.
MIX: Blends the clean and modulated signals.
FEEDBACK: Controls the feedback of the modulated signal.
WIDTH: Controls the delay time & intensity of the modulation. As with all analog chorus pedals, longer delay times will result in added noise.
RANGE: Controls the range of the WIDTH control, from mild choral-flange to wild modulated slapback.
INTERNAL CONTROLS: The right internal trimpot controls the gain of the output stage, and the left trimpot controls the bias of the MN3008 for maximum headroom.


The Blueprint is an analog-voiced delay based around the popular PT2399 delay chip. It has a delay time range of 40-580ms, controls for mix, level (up to about a 10 dB boost), plus dual modulation controls. An internal trimpot also gives control over the tone of the delay, so you get to decide how clear or filtered the repeats are.

The MIX control goes all the way to 100% wet signal, and the ECHO control can drive the pedal into self-oscillation for musicians who like to walk on the wild side.